SUBJECT : Green Soldiers 


Green Soldiers


1.    Sundarlal Bahuguna : There was a dense forest in Garwal, Utarakhand. Wood mafia gradually fell the tree. Renowned environmentalist Sri Sundarlal Bahuguna fights against it. Residents, tribal and students of Garwal fight to protect Garwal. When any person comes to fell tree, they protest it. This is called Chipko movement.

2.     Chandiprasad Bhatt: Now Chipko movement is being lead by Sri Chandiprasad Bhatt. Inspired by him and with the leadership of Gouridevi Women of Tereni Village did not allow to fell big trees of their village.

3.    Rajendra Singh: There was full of greenery in Alwar area of Rajsthan. Rainfall was enough, so there was no scarcity of water. Due to excessive destruction of forest, water level of wells came down and rainfall reduced. Rajendra Singh of Jaypore left Government job and involved himself to take the responsibility of water conservation and did plantation. He started watershed projects in different area. Now it is raining well due to monsoon. He has been named as “Water man”. Due to his efforts in bringing greenery in desert, he received Raman Magasese ward.

4.     Sarjubai Mina: She is of Amaritya village of Villawada region of Maharastra. She gathered all women, checking rainwater by making check bund and passed to agriculture land. With this, they are able to increase the agricultural production. She also did plantation on bald hills. Due to this effort, there is no scarcity of water in village ponds & wells. It inspired all to act for ground water conservation.

5.     Wangiri Mathai: He is State Minister, Environment at Kenya. He established “The Greenbelt Movement”. By this movement, million trees are being planted. Due to this activity, he has been rewarded with Noble Peace Award in 2004.

6.      Amitabh Pandey: Amitabh Pandey, Delhi thought to protect environment from air pollution, he sold his bike and is using bicycle.

7.     Ramakrushna Kusumaria: He is Member of Parliament from BJP. Due to his out standing work during election, he was gifted with a car. But he refused to take car. Instead he preferred to go to Parliament by a Scooter to reduce environmental pollution.

8.      Sitaraman & Usha of Bangalore: They plant about 100 trees every year & take care of planted trees. Recharge roof-top rain water, use solar cooker to avoid fuel wood & gas and prepare compost from waste vegetables.

9.      Dr. Dillip Srichandan: Simultaneously doing the job of a lecturer in a college in Khurda, Odisha; he developed green belt in college campus. Every year, on behalf of his organization “Prerana”, he is doing plantation activities.

10.   Haradei Majhi: A resident of Sinapali Kapasi village, she is chanting ‘we survive when forest survives’. She watchs green forest as a green army.

11.   Rushi Patra: A resident of Sambalpur district, Odisha; he loves environment and did not get married. Plants are his son and daughters.

12.   Van Surakhya Samiti, Nayagarh: With the active inspiration of Samiti, villages are watching forest.

13.   Kenith Anderson Nature Society (KANS), Bangalore: They have conserved 1400 forest and able to stop hunting of animals. Members of this society contributed some fund and taken responsibility to protect a forest area at Melagiri of Krishnagiri district.

14.   Chintan Shreeya: Chintan Shreeya & his wife Menka carry a jute bag every day while going to market. During their journey they collect plastic bags, polythene, bottles from the road and put in dustbins.

15.   Derasaja Souda, Haryana: Derasaja Sauda & Pawan Sirsa cleaned road and drains of Puri with the help of 12000 volunteers.